About Us

Zahra Enterprises

Antonio Zahra was already well-known in the sector of agricultural and industrial machinery when in 1975, together with his sons, he founded “Zahra Enterprises Limited.” The experience in their initial importation and installation of windmills and sales of motorhoes, augured a sound footing for the company to flourish and continuing offering its services to the existing clientèle. Thus, this new family-concern enterprise started to invest in wider sectors and began importing electric-run water pumps, machinery and pipes for irrigation besides other products.

Towards the end of the 1980’s the Zahras became concerned that the humble premises at Dingli’s outskirts, was hindering the company’s growth due to location and lack of space. The next move was to buy a plot of land, measuring 1000 square metres, in Attard, and a plan for a three-storey building, comprising a total of 3000 square metre block, was drawn up. A large showroom and offices were constructed at street level, stores on first floor, and another store room and workshop in the basement. The company started operating from its new premises in Attard in July 1992.

Its centralised location, together with a widespread of various products, whilst offering professional service, have rendered the company highly competent, thus attracting new clientèle as well as holding on to existing ones. This called for an increase in the number of qualified employees.

Now that these premises were established, the company could provide a wider choice of products which include cleaning equipment, power tools, electric generators, gardening equipment and lately, outdoor furniture and barbecues.

After more than 35 years experience, we pride ourselves in importing high quality brands, such as Lowara, Pedrollo, Alpina and Lavorwash. These renowned brands and our excellent after sales service, have contributed to the success of the company.